Hey girls and boys! Do you like Fanboy and Chum Chum, that new show on Nick? Well, I love it! AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT IT! Well, Fanboy and I shall chat! Wanna see what we chatted about? Look below!

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amazinggrace601: FANBOY! Hey dude!

fanboyrules3: Hey Al!

amazinggrace601: Guess whaaa-at?

fanboyrules3: What?

amazinggrace601: I'M MOVING TO, er, where do you live again?

fanboyrules3: I live in the Fanlair! I thought you knew that!

amazinggrace601: I did. I meant your city.

fanboyrules3: Oh...

amazinggrace601: OMG! GUESS WHAT ELSE!

fanboyrules3: Oh! What?

amazinggrace601: I'm actually outside typing on my laptop! Look outside!

fanboyrules3: REALLY?!?! *looks out window* Wow you are!

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Fanboy: Hi everyone who's reading Al's (my name is Alexandrea aka Alex aka Al, so yeah) website, it's nice to meet you guys. Chum Chum is off somewhere, so NOW it's just me and Alex!

Alex: YEP! Hey Fanboy, where's Kyle? A.K.A Wizard Boy?

Kyle: I said don't call me that. But hi anyway.

Alex: Do you want me to get the fangirls again?

Kyle: *eyes grow big* N-no! *backs towards door and runs screaming "HELP!"*

Alex: *chuckle chuckle* So Fanboy, you know you have fangirls too, right? So does Chum Chum.

Fanboy: We do? Can I meet them?

Alex: They're kind of scary, dude. I said I knew you, and one attacked me for your scent! *shudders* Wasn't pretty.

Fanboy: *puts hand on shoulder* It'll be okay, my friend. And I might not want to meet them- KYLE WHAT HAPPENED?!?

Kyle: *has entered moments ago. Clothes are ripped, hair is messy, and eyes are wide and skin is pale* T-they attacked me. I thought you said you wouldn't release them.

Alex: And we have to go! BYE EVERYONE!


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