Hey everyone! It's Fanboy! I just wanted to inform you that me and Alex are alternating posts, so today I get to post! Eh, not much to say besides Kyle and Alex are trying to fend of fangirls while I'm doing this. Oh! Kyle just got attacked by one! Wait, Alex, don't punch her- to late for that. Anyway, I think Kyle might need to stay in the ICU for a while... he's pretty beat up. A word from Alex!

Okay, it's Alex. Kyle is getting, like, ripped up. Poor Brace Face. Oh, no offense Kyle.

It's now Kyle. And I guess there's no offense taken, Alex. My shirt is all ripped. THOSE GIRLS ARE EVIL! They are obsessed with me. It's scary how strong they are.

Ok, it's Fanboy again. I think Kyle is okay because Alex and Chum Chum are bandaging his arm right now. Hmm, Kyle looks green... maybe you should get a bucket.Oh, Alex, Chum Chum! MOVE! Oh yes! Kyle missed! Okay bye!